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DICKIESON Family . The founder of this branch of the family in Canada was John Dickieson (FIRST GENERATION IN CANADA), who was born in Roxburghshire, Scot. And there married Mary Armstrong. They came to Canada with their family following others of the Armstrong family who had come here prior. John Dickieson purchased and settled on 200 acres, Lot 18, Concession 4, Eramosa, in 1840, and here passed their remaining days. They are interred in the Johnson Cemetery. Issue: Alexander, John, Mrs. Robert Bell, Mrs. McQuarry, Mrs. Adam Clark, George, William and Thomas who died unmarried.  John the most elder was killed in 1863 while removing a large dead tree on front of his house when a large limb broke from it and struck him.

Alexander (SECOND GEN) was born in 1821 in Roxburghshire,  married first Miss Helen Gilmour. Issue: John, Thomas, and Ellen. His second wife was Miss Jane Dixon. Issue: Agnes, and James.

Thomas (THIRD GEN) born in Eramosa in 1857 to Alexander and Helen, married Mary Ann Bell and left the Eramosa area in about 1880 for Manitoba, where he farmed and he and Mary had six children, one of which was stillborn and so was not named.  The other five were Robert, Nelly, Alexander, William Gordon and Mary Margaret.  Thomas died in 1940 and Mary Ann died in 1891 after never regaining her health from having her last child.

Robert (FOURTH GEN) was born in Minnedosa, Manitoba, 23 June 1881, and when of age he went back to Ontario to the family stomping grounds, where he met and married Flora Christina Crawford, of the Kingston Crawfords.  They were married in London, Ontario and Flora returned to London in later life where she passed away in 1952 and is interred in Woodlawn Cemetary.  They spent their married lives farming on homesteaded land in Findlater, Saskatchewan, and produced five children there, Florence May, Robert Gordon, Oriole Jean, Daisy Isabell, and Ralph Edwin.  Robert passed away in Lipton, Saskatchewan in 1964, at the age of 84 and is interred there.

Ralph Edwin (FIFTH GEN) was born on the family farm in Saskatchewan, 12 Jan 1923, farmed with his father as a youth, married Elizabeth Geraldine Cawson in 1944, then worked in various places such as Limerick Sask, Lafleche Sask, Tabor AB, and Lipton Sask in the lumber and hardware business until his death in Sep 1978.  He is interred in Lipton Cemetary with his father Robert.  He and 'Gerry' produced five offspring, all still quick, and so the only name found here, lacking the permissions of my siblings, will be mine, Thomas Michael Dickieson (SIXTH GENERATION IN CANADA), the author of this web site.

John (SECOND GEN) was born in  Roxburghshire, Scot., 1822, was eighteen years old when he came to Canada with his parents. He assisted in clearing the farm, as well as cutting out and making the road to it on the fourth line. He carried, in the early days, bags of wheat periodically to Dundas to have ground into flour for their use, and on one occasion, when out of flour, lived on potatoes for two weeks. He married Ellen Thomson in 1855, who lived with their only son, John, Jr., on the old homestead until her passing. She was the daughter of Francis Thomson, of Aberdeenshire, who was in the battle of Waterloo. The late John Dickieson was a man of more than ordinary ability and took an influential and leading position in Eramosa. He was a public spirited man and gave his influence and support to everything for the advancement of the community, of which he was an active member for nearly sixty years. He was a Councilor for Eramosa for several years and a School Trustee for many years. He was a member of, and a liberal contributor to the Presbyterian Church, and in politics was a Liberal. He was killed in 1898, age 76 years by an accident, when his horse pulled the carriage he was in into the path of a train.

The son of John, John, Jr. (THIRD GEN) was born in 1861 and always lived on the Dickieson homestead, where he owned 150 acres. He married Catherine Thomson. He was one of the substantial as well as influential farmers of the township. He spent at least eight years on the Eramosa Council, and was Reeve of the township for two years. In politics he was a Liberal, and was a member of the Presbyterian Church.

George (SECOND GEN) was also born in Roxburghshire, Scot., 1823; died 1899, age 76 years. He was a youth of seventeen when he came to Canada with his parents, and passed through the same early experiences as did his brother John. He started life with little means, and became a prosperous and influential member of society. The fine property that he acquired was by his exertion. He first bought 100 acres, Lot 15, Concession 5, Eramosa, and cleared it, and later purchased 50 acres in Concession 4. He married Isabella Torrance. Issue: Mrs. Samuel Allan, John (died unmarried) and William A.

William A. (THIRD GEN) was born. on the old home farm which he owned during his life, carried on mixed farming, making a specialty of thoroughbred Shorthorns. He was a leading farmer and good citizen. He married Fannie E. Oakes, daughter of the late Jonathan Oakes, Jr., mentioned in another part of the Historical Atlas. Issue: Viola B. and George R.

From: Historical Atlas of the County of Wellington, Ontario. Toronto: Historical Atlas Publishing Co., 1906 AND added to from information researched by Thomas M. Dickieson.